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πŸ’— Personal Open Source Contributor Manifesto and Policies
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This document describes my personal Open Source Contributor Manifesto and Policies.

I have a full time job and work on side projects and Open Source Software at random times and most of the times just for fun.

Unfortunately, as @Kitze wrote

Blog Post: Stars Won't Pay You Rent

Since most of my contributions are to side projects and I don't want to burn out, in some cases I might decide to disable GitHub issues or turn off notifications for the most active projects.

Don't worry though, periodically I take a look at open issues and PRs and take action if necessary!

If you want to support my free work or get dedicated attention and support with any of the projects I contribute to, please don't hesitate to check out my sponsorship page on GitHub.

Sponsor Page


If you find a bug in one of the projects I maintain, please submit a pull request with a failing test or a fix, and good description for the issue.

When issues are enabled, please always include a testcase in the form of a minimal repository or link to a live playground (my favorite is CodeSandbox).

From my experience, issues with a clear description and a testcase are fixed or resolved much faster than others!

Features request

Please submit a pull request with an RFC where you explain the why and the how you think this feature is useful. I'd be glad to start a conversation from there before moving on to implementation. Also please let me know if you would be up to implement the feature you are suggesting.

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