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💰Make a buck from your npm packages
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Paid Packages

Allows you to make a living out of your npm packages.

Disclaimer this is just an idea, a very controversial one. Let me pitch it to you in length.

I envisioned a system where you, the library owner, can make a buck from every user of your library by installing a package of mine that validates a customer token defined as env variable when running npm i. If the user hasn't paid for your package the install would fail.

All you'd need to do is install my package:

npm i paid-packages

All your users would need to do is pay for your package and use a single token for all the packages:


Proof of Concept

You can see a proof of concept by executing the following commands. The install should fail.

cd example/app
npm i

However if you install with a token it'll work:

cd example/app


Below is an example. I'll be referring to the service as SERVICE and to my npm package as PKG.

  • Babel wants to make babel-core paid. They install PKG.
  • Users who want to use babel-core need to register to my SERVICE and get a token and then pay for babel-core ($1/month or something).
  • Now they can install babel-core with PAID_PACKAGES_TOKEN=123 npm install babel-core
  • PKG makes a request to the SERVICE servers to validate that TOKEN=123 has paid for babel-core
  • When validation fails it breaks npm install. Basically PKG is an install hook that makes the installation fail when the user is not paying for PKG.

SERVICE will only accept popular (TBD downloads/week) packages. New packages are free until they become popular enough and provide real value.

SERVICE will require packages owners to do a major release to introduce the paid version and change the LICENSE type.

Core members of those packages do revenue share or TBD (like open collective). Occasional contributors either get some kind of credit or get to use the library (eg. babel-core) for free. Companies need to pay for a software like they do for other non-software services.

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