A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single XML or SQLite file. The project home page is

Getting Started


The current (python) version requires:

  • python2
  • python-gtk2
  • python-gtksourceview2
  • p7zip-full
  • python-dbus
  • python-enchant
  • python-chardet

Then, after cloning, run in the top folder ./cherrytree or python2 cherrytree.


Look at for available installers.


The development is currently happening on the master branch in the folder future, being a C++/GTKmm porting.

The latest stable python release is also from the master branch.

The branch pygi is a discontinued attempt to port to the python bindings for GTK3. Reason for the failure in the issue python-gtksourceview2 deprecated, please port to PyGI.