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📝 ES6 In Depth: Using ES6 today with Babel and Broccoli
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Each folder comes with instructions in a README file.

If you would like to know more about ES6, you'll find an article for each feature in the series ES6 In Depth Articles published by Mozilla Hacks.



1. es6-fruits

A minimal example that shows you how to transpile a single ES6 script and then execute it through the command line.

2. es6-website

Transpile all the ES6 files found in target location and concatenate them into a single ES5 file that is imported into a simple website.

3. es6-modules

A usage example of jayphelps/broccoli-babel-boilerplate, its a more sophisticated setup that handles:

  • modules
  • imports
  • unit tests

Its meant to be the starting point for ambitious projects.

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