Flat file markdown blog with categories, tags, archive, caching, bootstrap 4 default theme
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Flat file blog engine with markdown support

  • No db
  • No admin
  • Unlimited nesting for posts folders.
  • Race condition free caching to withstand high traffic.
  • Plain Html templates, simple but still powerfull, powered by Psttt! template engine.
  • Bootstrap 4 default theme
  • Disqus/Facebook comments
  • Rss Feed, Tags, Posts Archives


  • PHP 5.3.6+


  1. Download speck either from here or by cloning this Github repo or by running:
  2. Upload speck through FTP/SFTP or whatever upload method you prefer to the public-facing directory of your site.
  3. Ensure that the permissions for the cache and posts folders are set to 0777.
  4. Navigate your browser to your speck installation URL, if you have placed speck in a sub directory make sure you append the folder name to the URL: http://MYDOMAINNAME.com/speck
  5. Upload markdown files to posts folder, choose any folder structure you want to reflect as blog categories.