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A simple vanilla js page scroll progress
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  • what is this?

its a lightweight (2.61 KB )simple vanilla JS page scroll progress.

- What do i need to run it?

just call the scrollprogressJS.js file in your HTML and do a progressJS.start(); to use the default options.

- How can i change configurations?

Just pass the parameters on "boot", example:

//this attachs the scroll value to .elementClassToAttach
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function (event) {
		progressJS.start({"attach":  ".elementClassToAttach"});

But what are the configurations?

"defaults": { //color "color":  "#003f72", //height "height":  "3px", "top":  0, "bottom":  0, "left":  0, "right":  0, "zIndex":  9999, //bottom or top "ontop":  true, //left to right "ltr":  true, //element to use value "attach":  false, //js style or css "css":  false, //decimal numbers "round":  false, //use only values "nobar":  false }

color will be the default color for the bar, css attributes.

progressJS.start({"color":  "red"});
progressJS.start({"color":  "#ff33DD"});
progressJS.start({"color":  "rgb(23,45,255)"});
progressJS.start({"color":  "rgba(23,45,255, 0.6)"});

height the bar height, css attributes.

progressJS.start({"height":  "5px"});
progressJS.start({"height":  "5%"});

ontop (default: true), sets the bar on top or bottom, set to false to put on bottom

progressJS.start({"ontop":  "false"});

ltr (default: true), sets the growth of the bar, from left to right or right to left.

//grows from right to left
progressJS.start({"ltr":  "false"});

css (default: false), if you want to use your own .css for the div not using .js

//use your .css to style the element (#progressbarJS)
progressJS.start({"css":  "true"});

round (default = 2), value of decimal numbers, useful to use with attach.

progressJS.start({"round":  "3"});

nobar (default: false), if you want to use no bar and just attach the value to a element, requires attach.

//nobar and value will be put in the element with the id progressValue
progressJS.start({"nobar":  "true", "attach":"#progressValue"});

This probably has a lot of room to improve, feel free to do what you want with it. You don't need to credit, but it would be awesome to me :'D

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