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[Wordpress] A helper to make the life of developers easier.
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This helper can be used to quickly register Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, Meta Boxes, Menu Pages and Sidebars within your Wordpress projects. Please comment, review, watch, fork and report bugs.

Version: 2.9.18
Supports: 3.5 - 4.3

Basic usage

Add Custom Post Types

$book = register_cuztom_post_type( 'Book' );

Note: If you're using Custom Post Types, don't forget to flush rewrite rules on activation.

Add Custom Taxonomies

To add Custom Taxonomies to the newly created Post Type, simply call this method.

$book->add_taxonomy( 'Author' );

You can also call this as a seperate class like this. The second parameter is the Post Type name.

$taxonomy = register_cuztom_taxonomy( 'Author', 'book' );

Add Meta Boxes

Add Meta Boxes.

    'Book Info',
            'name'          => 'author',
            'label'         => 'Author',
            'description'   => 'Just a little description',
            'type'          => 'text'


See the documentation for advanced guides.

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