[Wordpress] Creating content types the easy way
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Cuztom is a Wordpress library, which can be used to easily register Post Types, Taxonomies, Meta Boxes, Term Meta, User Meta. Please comment, review, watch, fork and report bugs. Requires Wordpress 4.4+. :)

Basic usage

Add Custom Post Types

$book = register_cuztom_post_type('Book');

Add Custom Taxonomies

To add Custom Taxonomies to the newly created Post Type, simply call this method.


You can also call this as a seperate function like this. The second parameter is the Post Type name.

$taxonomy = register_cuztom_taxonomy('Author', 'book');

Add Meta Boxes

Add Meta Boxes.

        'title'     => 'Book Info',
        'fields'    => array(
            'id'           => '_author',
            'label'        => 'Author',
            'description'  => 'Just a little description',
            'type'         => 'text'


See the documentation for advanced guides, changelog.