A Floating Action Button just like Google inbox for iOS
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A Floating Action Button inspired from Google inbox for iOS.

Using this in your project

  • Import the VCFloatingActionButton to your project
  • Use VCFloatingActionButton.h

Initialize the button and add it as a subview

VCFloatingActionButton *addButton = [[VCFloatingActionButton alloc]initWithFrame:floatFrame normalImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"plus"] andPressedImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"cross"] withScrollview:_dummyTable];

Add Images and label names for the actions

addButton.imageArray = @[@"fb-icon",@"twitter-icon",@"google-icon",@"linkedin-icon"];
addButton.labelArray = @[@"Facebook",@"Twitter",@"Google Plus",@"Linked in"];

Add Optional hide while scrolling

addButton.hideWhileScrolling = YES;

Use Delegate to handle actions

-(void) didSelectMenuOptionAtIndex:(NSInteger)row

P.S: This was done in a short time, please feel free to contribute


MIT License