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Kanban dynamic block for org-mode

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Inspired by some of the kanban resources for emacs out there (Emacs, org-mode, Kanban, Pomodoro… Oh my…, or kanban.el), I came up with this solution.


  • Open an org file and call `org-kanban/initialize-at-end`


It uses a custom org-mode dynamic block and provides some operations on the table rows.


org-kanban only works in org-buffers that have an underlying file.

If you wonder why your kanban board looks the wrong way around, please have a look here. If you do not like this behavior, just remove :mirrored t or set it to nil. You can use org-kanban/shift on a row, to move the TODO one keyword back or forth.

Walkthrough (see asciinema)

  • Open an org file with some todos e.g. org-kanban-demo.org
  • Move through all todos

Test the package

The quickest way to test the package in isolation is to run

docker run -it --rm alpine:latest /bin/sh
apk update
apk add emacs
(add-to-list 'package-archives
             '("melpa" . "https://melpa.org/packages/") t)
search for org-kanban and press i and x