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MySQL, apache and phpMyAdmin container

It is assumed that docker has been setup according to the instructions in this repo:


To install you could use the install script (requires Git) using cURL:

curl | sh

or Wget:

wget -qO- | sh

Or clone this repo manually and build the container: cd container && docker build .

Save the ID of the new image in /etc/environment for easy access.

cat /etc/environment

Setup the container as a service:

  • sudo cp docker/etc/init/docker-TEMPLATE.conf /etc/init/docker-gizur_com.conf
  • Update the service with the correct container ID - sudo nano /etc/init/docker-gizur_com.conf
  • Remove this part from the last line (the DNS isn't needed) -dns=$REDIS_DNS $IMAGE_ID
  • sudo service docker-gizur_com start

Start the container

Start a container: docker run -d $DOCKER_GIZUR_COM

Do docker ps and check which port that is mapped towards 8080

Open http://localhost:PORT/phpMyAdmin-4.0.8-all-languages in a web browser and login with the credentials below.

Check the IP-adress of the container: docker inspect [CONTAINER ID]

Setup hipache entries in redis:

  • redis-cli rpush gizur_com
  • redis-cli rpush http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080

Make sure hipache is running: sudo service hipache status



  • admin / mysql-server
  • gizur_com / 48796e76


  • admin / c2f5976f

Development environemnet

Start phpMyAdmin and login with the gizur_com user.

Update the siteurl field: http://localhost:PORT

Then open Wordpress and login with the admin user: http://localhost:PORT/wp-admin

This makes testing easier:

cat /etc/hosts

Setup hipache like this:

  • redis-cli rpush gizur_com
  • redis-cli rpush http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080

Chck things from outside the virtual machine: curl