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NodeJS container

Quick installation

  1. docker build --rm --no-cache=true -t nodejs .

  2. The docker build sometimes fail due to network errors etc. Repeat docker build --rm -t nodejs . until the build succeeds.

  3. Copy env.list.template to env.list and update. Do: set -a; . env.list

  4. Start a container without exposing port 1883 (a load balancer like haproxy is needed) and linking to a beservices (beservices has logging etc. Typically used for production but not necessary for development):

    docker run -t -i --restart="on-failure:10" \
    --link beservices:beservices --link mariadb:mariadb --env-file=env.list -h nodejs --name nodejs nodejs \
    /bin/bash -c "supervisord; export > /env; bash"

Start and expose port 1883 without linking to a beservices container (typically for development):

    docker run -t -i -p 1883:1883 --restart="on-failure:10" \
    --env-file=env.list -h nodejs --name nodejs1 nodejs \
    /bin/bash -c "supervisord; export > /env; bash"
  1. Install the node applications in the /apps folder

  2. Disconnect from the container with ctrl-p ctrl-q if you want to keep it running. exit will stop the container.

  3. Check the log files: docker logs nodejs

Install apps

Repos for apps should be cloned into /apps. It is handy to configure a machine account for git, see the github guide. Run ssh -T from the container to validate that SSH has been configured correctly.

Image backups

It is sometimes good to save a backup of the image.

>docker save nodejs > nodejs-dockcer.tar
>gzip nodejs-dockcer.tar
>docker load nodejs-docker.tar