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Repository Manager for many project setups
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The Repository Supervisor

version number: 0.0.6 author: Gavin Cooper


A tool for supervising multiple repositories, checking their status and providing regular reminders of unfinished work.

Who is it for

This tool is primarily designed for those developers or repository users who may have multiple (read 10+) repositories all possibly being touched during a day. It's main benefit will be providing a regular report of repositories that are in an uncomitted/unpushed or unpulled state, allowing you to write your commit messages and push your local changes whilst the work is still fresh in your mind.

Installation / Usage

To install use pip:

$ pip install repovisor

Or clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ python install

As a manually run script, or added as a cron job it will provide a status for all repositories in it's internal database, showing the results either within a terminal, or as a web generated report


Once installed you should have access to a command line program. To use it try:

$ repovise search /home/<userid>/<repostore>

This will give output for all repositories within . Note the default is to query the upstream locations for all repos found.

It can also create a shorter representation of each repository by passing the --brief, -b option

Technology Stack

Written in python, it is based off the GitPython package , providing user facing UI features

Currently the VCS it supports is:

  • Git
  • -Mercurial-
  • -Subversion-



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