2. Feature overview

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  • Action-Domain-Responder - accessible from both browser and CLI
  • Request Manager - for all HTTP methods
  • Response Manager - which sends HTTP cache friendly headers
  • Router - map resource URIs to specific controller/action
  • URLs Generator - for generating nicer URLs
  • Hybrid View - HTML, JSON, Haanga, Twig, PIMF-Vanilla
  • Session & Cache handling - into File, PDO, Memcached, APC / APCu, Redis, Wincache, DBA
  • Data Mapper - for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
  • Error Handler - converts all errors to Exceptions
  • Logger - to file or stdout
  • Happy Utils Farm - for XML, JSON, String, Validation, Filtering, Serializer, File, Uploaded, Identifier, Message, Header
  • Events - build de-coupled apps and tap into the core
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