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3a. Autoloading

gjerokrsteski edited this page Mar 17, 2014 · 9 revisions

Your application's PHP classes autoloading lives a the file. All classes in PIMF are statically mapped. It's just a simple array of class to file path maps for ultra-fast file loading. Feel free to change the mappings and directories at file.

Mappings from class names to file paths:

 static $mappings = array(
      'MyFirstBlog\\Controller\\Blog'  => '/MyFirstBlog/Controller/Blog.php',
      'MyFirstBlog\\DataMapper\\Entry' => '/MyFirstBlog/DataMapper/Entry.php',
      'MyFirstBlog\\Model\\Entry'      => '/MyFirstBlog/Model/Entry.php'

The core's PHP classes autoloading lives a the autoload.core.php file. Note: this file is autogenerated with PHPAB - please do not edit!!!