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Repositories & Branches

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PIMF's home on GitHub is at PIMF has several repositories. For basic contributions, the only repository you need to pay attention to is the pimf repository, located at

The pimf repository has multiple branches, each serving a specific purpose:

  • master - This is the PIMF release branch. Active development does not happen on this branch. This branch is only for the most recent, stable PIMF core code. When you download PIMF from, you are downloading directly from this master branch. Do not make pull requests to this branch.
  • develop - This is the working development branch. All proposed code changes and contributions by the community are pulled into this branch. When you make a pull request to the PIMF project, this is the branch you want to pull-request into. Once certain milestones have been reached and/or the PIMF team is happy with the stability and additional features of the current development branch, the changes in the develop branch are pulled into the master branch, thus creating and releasing the newest stable version of PIMF for the world to use.