A bash script for windows tiling under GNOME desktop
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htile is a bash script that makes possible to easily tile windows
in the GNOME desktop environment. The currently selected window is resized
and re-positioned to occupy either the top, bottom, left, right half;
or one of the four quarters of your screen.

Placing considers automatically your screen resolution as well as the size
of the GNOME panels you may have placed on the different sides of your desktop.


htile requires the wmctrl utility. This tool is generally available as
package on the repositories of your distribution of choice. For instance
Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu users can install it by typing apt-get install wmctrl
as superuser from their terminal.


usage: htile [-h] [-v] -m (up|down|left|right|up-left|down-left|up-right|down-right)
  -h    : prints this help message
  -v    : enable verbose mode
  -m    : the movement command

Keyboard shortcuts

htile is designed to be available in your path and to be called by keyboard
shortcut. This mimics utilities like SizeUp
available for Max OS X.

Once htile directory is in your $PATH variable, you can go to
System -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts in the GNOME menu and add
a shortcut for the different move commands.

Here are examples, based on SizeUp
defaults :

    htile -m left       CTRL + ALT + left
    htile -m right      CTRL + ALT + right
    htile -m up         CTRL + ALT + up
    htile -m down       CTRL + ALT + down
    htile -m up-left    CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + left
    htile -m up-right   CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + up
    htile -m down-left  CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + down
    htile -m down-right CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + right


iPhoto-cleaner is licensed under the GPL v.3
license. See previous link or gpl-3.0.txt for further details.