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In iPhoto, when you modify a pictures, the original file is not overwritten
but all modifications are saved to a Modified folder under your iPhoto
library root.

iPhoto-cleaner is a bash script to replace original pictures by the modified
ones. This is particularly helpful to prevent iPhoto library size growth or
to propagate modifications outside the iPhoto library, when you have chosen
not to copy imported files inside the iPhoto library.

To maintain iPhoto proper behavior, after copy, modified files are replaced
by Mac OS X aliases.

Besides, in standard mode, a backup of the modified files is created on
your desktop.


iPhoto-cleaner requires the hfsdata utility from the osxutils tools
suite. The latter can be installed from OS X Utils homepage
or by typing sudo port install osxutils from the if you
already use MacPorts


iPhoto-cleaner: a bash script to replace original files by
modified files in your iPhoto library.
In standard mode, a backup of the modified files is created on your desktop.
usage: iPhoto-cleaner [-h] [-l <iPhoto library path>] [-u]
  -h    : prints this help message
  -l    : iPhoto library location (default: /Users/<username>/Pictures/iPhoto Library)
  -u    : launch the unsafe mode (no backup folder is created on your desktop)

If your iPhoto library is at its default location (i.e. /Users/<username>/Pictures/iPhoto Library)
then you don’t need to use the -l option as iPhoto-cleaner will determine
your username by itself.

NOTE: it is recommended not to use the unsafe mode (-u option), unless you
trust this script and now exactly what you are doing. You have been warned!


iPhoto-cleaner is licensed under the GPL v.3
license. See previous link or gpl-3.0.txt for further details.