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# encoding: utf-8
Created by Philip Cooper on 2007-11-23.
Copyright (c) 2007 Openvest. All rights reserved.
from rdfalchemy.rdfSubject import rdfSubject
from rdfalchemy.descriptors import rdfAbstract
import logging
def allsub(cl, beenthere = set([])):
"return all subclasses of the given class"
sub = set(cl.__subclasses__()) | beenthere
newsubs = set(cl.__subclasses__()) - beenthere
for onesub in newsubs:
sub |= allsub(onesub, sub)
return sub
def mapper(*classes):
Maps the classes given to allow descriptors with ranges to the
proper Class of that type
The default, if no args are provided, is to map recursively all subclasses
of :class:`~rdfalchemy.rdfSubject.rdfSubject`
Returns a dict of {rdf_type: mapped_class} for further processing
if not classes:
classes = allsub(rdfSubject)
class_dict = dict([(str(cl.rdf_type), cl) for cl in classes])
for cl in classes: # for each class
for v in cl.__dict__.values(): # for each desciptor
if isinstance(v,rdfAbstract) and v.range_type: #if its a descriptor with a range
v._mappedClass = class_dict[str(v.range_type)]
except KeyError:
log.warn("No Class Found\nFailed to map %s range of %s"%(v,v.range_type))
return class_dict
#def mapBase(baseclass):
# """This maps all classes below baseclass as in mapper()
# AND puts the dict of {rdf_type: mapped_class} in an baseclass._type2class attribute"""
# baseclass._type2class = mapper(*allsub(baseclass))
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