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An implementation of Java 7’s WatchService for OS X
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This is the official BarbaryWatchService repository, moved from

See issues for current plans.

Build Status

An implementation of Java 7’s WatchService for Java 6 on Mac OS X

Java 7 has an API to detect file system changes called Watch Service. This project uses JNA to hook into Apple’s File System Events API.

This is almost a direct drop-in replacement for Java 7’s Watch Service API. I’ve used the API source code from OpenJDK 7 as much as possible.

There’s a Demo example here.

A lot of source code is from OpenJDK.

Differences from Java 7’s API

You obtain a Watch Service instance as follows:

WatchService watcher = WatchService.newWatchService();

Instead of creating Path objects, use WatchableFile objects:

WatchableFile file1 = new WatchableFile(new File("/path/to/watch"));

There is a tutorial for Java 7’s Watch Service API here.


Get the Maven dependency:

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