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A Zenphoto theme.
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Libratus is a Zenphoto theme that is fully responsive which looks great on desktop to mobile naturally using mobile first design. It utilizes image and album statisitcs more heavily than other themes, although not required. Home page has a full screen slideshow with optional images to pull (latest, random, popular, etc.). Great theme for a site with a large image collection.

Index Page More screenshots viewable in the repo.

To Install
Place the "Libratus" folder that is inside the package ONLY (not the entire package), inside the themes folder of your Zenphoto installation (via FTP). Navigate to the theme tab on your backend installation and enable the theme, set/view theme options.

Custom Logo
By default, Libratus uses the text title of your Gallery on the home page and slide out menu. To use a custom logo place the png image file (logo.png) directly in your upload folder of your installation. The theme will detect the file and use it as your logo.

Theme Options

Max Width of Site
Set the max-width of site in pixels. Site is fluid but will not expand beyond this width.

Home Slideshow Type
Select what image statistic to show on the frontpage slideshow: random, latest (multiple), popular, most rated, top rated.

Home Slideshow Album
Optionally select a specific album the Home Slideshow pulls from. Default is "Entire Gallery", which pulls from the entire gallery. Only published albums are shown here. Be careful with this option to ensure there are images that meet the statistic and they are viewable (rights), otherwise no images will show.

Show Date
Toggle whether to display dates in albums, images, news, and pages. On "pages", libratus shows last updated date if checked. Note that you need to show dates on images, or on news, for those to show on the archive page.

Download Button
Check to enable users the ability to download original image from image details page. If you want a save dialog, you will need to set the appropriate option in options->image as well (protected, download).

Slideshow Interval
In milliseconds (default 5000). For homepage slideshow - normal slideshow settings are set in the plugin options.

Simple Social Sharing Check to display simple links (lightweight) for users to share to their Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts. Make sure to enable the meta tags plugin and enable the og entries for these sites to pull the correct thumbs, titles, and descriptions upon share.

Custom CSS Enter any custom CSS, safely carries over upon theme upgrade. Will be placed between style tags in the head.

Google Tracking Code Enter your Google Analytics Universal Tracking Id here to auto insert the tracking code on every page (UA-...). Leave blank to omit. Note that the analytics code will not be outputted for admin users, so that administrator page visits will not be counted.

Tracking Type
Universal or Classic. Select what type of analytics you are using. See your Google analytics account for explanations.

Facebook Link Enter your full Facebook page link (http://....). Leave blank to omit.

Twitter Link Enter your full Twitter page link (http://....). Leave blank to omit.

Google+ Link Enter your full Google+ page link (http://....). Leave blank to omit.

Copyright Text Edit text for footer copyright. Leave blank to omit.

Statistical Pages on Archive Select what menu items to show for statistic menu on home and archive pages: Images - Popular, Latest (multiple), Most Rated, Top Rated. Albums - Popular, Latest (multiple), Most Rated, Top Rated, Latest Updated.

Bottom Stats Items per Row Disable 1 2 3 4: Select how many items per row for the bottom stats, if any.

Bottom Stats Select modules to display in the bottom footer of site: Gallery - Description, News - Latest, Comments - Latest, Images - Popular, Latest (multiple), Most Rated, Top Rated. Albums - Popular, Latest (multiple), Most Rated, Top Rated, Latest Updated. If not disabled above. Recommended to choose multiples of the option items per row.

Number of Images in Bottom Stats
Choose number of images or albums to show for each stat.

Related Max Number
Enter the MAX number of related albums and images to show on their respective pages (if plugin is enabled).

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