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Yet another link checker. This one only checks local files.
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I got tired of looking for a broken link checker for my HTML files that existed locally. After two bourbon manhattans, I decided to write one.


Super simple: just run

perl _input_dir_ _[caseCheck]_

And that's it. YALC will recurse through all .html and .htm files in [input_dir] and subdirectories, examining any anchor tag (<a>) that doesn't go out to the web (therefore, local files only). If the file doesn't exist, it'll print a message.

If you want to check case-sensitivity with the links, just pass the letter y as a second argument. I tested that this works even on a case-insensitive system like Mac OS X.

The link checker also checks hash references; for example, <a href="foo.html#bar">. Even if foo.html exists, if the bar reference does not, there will be a complaint.

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