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A fork of chjj's marked that adds some additional features
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A full-featured markdown parser and compiler implemented in ~430 lines of JS.
Built for speed.


$ node test/bench
marked: 6260ms
showdown: 21665ms
markdownjs: 69168ms

The point of marked was to create a markdown compiler where it was possible to frequently parse huge chunks of markdown without having to worry about caching the compiled output somehow...or blocking for an unnecesarily long time.

marked lingers around 430 (may vary) lines long and still implements all markdown features. It is also now fully compatible with the client-side.


$ npm install marked


var marked = require('marked');
console.log(marked('i am using __markdown__.'));

You also have direct access to the lexer and parser if you so desire.

var tokens = marked.lexer(str);

Todo (& notes to self)

This parser was written in one night, so there's still a lot on the todo list. There may also be some bugs.

  • Implement GFM features.
  • Possibly add some ReMarkable features while remaining backwardly compatible with all markdown syntax.
  • Optimize the parser so it accepts a stream of tokens from the lexer. This should enhance performance even further, although, no lookaheads would be possible.
  • Find a better way of testing. Create a test suite from scratch because most markdown compilers don't appear to be working properly in every aspect (but it's hard to tell because the markdown "spec" is so vague).
  • Recognize and parse paragraph list items better. This may be the most important task. Currently, list items are parsed strictly, it's not possible to have "loose list items" as they're known.
  • Add an explicit pretty printing and minification feature.

I've still just begun to write this. I expect I will be updating it frequently.

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