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Azure Language Understanding

This MLHub package provides a quick demonstration of the pre-built Language Understanding (LUIS) model provided through Azure's Cognitive Services. This service takes a command as text and parses it to return the intent and entities found in the command.

An Azure subscription is required and a free Azure subscription allowing up to 5,000 transactions per month is available from Once set up visit and login to to obtain a subscription key, endpoint, location and App Id. This information will be added when running

$ ml configure azlang

Please note that this is closed source software which limits your freedoms and has no guarantee of ongoing availability.

Visit the github repository for more details:

The Python code is based on the Language Understanding Quickstart.


Through the LUIS preview portal to create your first LUIS App. Once the App is published, in the Manage section (top-right menu), on the Azure Resources page (left menu), your Primary Key, endpoint and Location will be there. Your App ID will be on the Settings page.


MLHub is a command line utility to quickly demonstrate the capabilities of pre-built machine learning models and data science processes. Visit for details.

To install and run the pre-built model:

$ pip3 install mlhub
$ ml install   azlang
$ ml configure azlang
$ ml demo      azlang

Command Line Tools

In addition to the demo command below, the package provides a number of useful command line tools.


The intent command will recognize what your wishes to initiate or do based on options you define in LUIS.

Intent is something that users want to do: such as turn on the light, turn off the oven, check the weather.

This command will listen for an intent from the computer microphone and then parses it to return the intent, score and entities found in the command.

$ ml intent azlang
Recognized: "Turn on the oven." with intent id `HomeAutomation.TurnOn`. The score: 0.99811447, and the entities: oven


Azure Language Understanding LUIS MLHub model







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