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Bee Swarm Style Plots

Bee swarm plots are a form of scatter plot that aim to avoid the usual overlay of points that occur with scatterplots. This is the scenario where the dataset contains multiple observations of the same data points and plotting them on a two dimensional plot simply overlays the points. With beeswarm plots the points are jittered whilst retaining some semblance of density.

The ggbeeswarm package for R based on ggplot was written by Erik Clarke and Scott Sherrill-Mix and this MLHub demonstration is based on their README.

Visit the github repository for more details:


To install and run the pre-built model:

$ pip3 install mlhub
$ ml install   beeswarm
$ ml configure beeswarm
$ ml demo      beeswarm
$ ml print     beeswarm
$ ml display   beeswarm
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