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Spotify client built with vue.js / vuex
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Spotify client built with vue.js / vuex.

Authenticated users must have a valid Spotify Premium subscription because if it doesn't, Web Playback SDK will not work.

alt text alt text alt text



  • Login
  • Logout
  • Refresh token


  • Get Spotify Catalog information about artists, albums, tracks or playlists that match a keyword string.


  • Get a List of Categories
  • Get New Releases

Playlist manipulation

  • Get a user's playlists
  • Create playlists


  • Follow a playlist
  • Unfollow a playlist


  • Get a user's available devices
  • Connect to another device
  • Start/Resume a User's Playback
  • Get the User's Currently Playing Track
  • Set volume
  • Skip User’s Playback To Next Track
  • Skip User’s Playback To Previous Track
  • Seek playback to a given position
  • Toggle Shuffle For User’s Playback
  • Set Repeat Mode On User’s Playback

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