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import logging
from sqlaload.schema import _ensure_columns, _args_to_clause
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def add_row(engine, table, row, ensure=True, types={}):
""" Add a row (type: dict). If ``ensure`` is set, any of
the keys of the row are not table columns, they will be type
guessed and created. """
if ensure:
_ensure_columns(engine, table, row, types=types)
def update_row(engine, table, row, unique, ensure=True, types={}):
if not len(unique):
return False
clause = dict([(u, row.get(u)) for u in unique])
if ensure:
_ensure_columns(engine, table, row, types=types)
stmt = table.update(_args_to_clause(table, clause), row)
rp = engine.execute(stmt)
return rp.rowcount > 0
except KeyError, ke:
log.warn("UPDATE: filter column does not exist: %s" % ke)
return False
def upsert(engine, table, row, unique, ensure=True, types={}):
if not update_row(engine, table, row, unique, ensure=ensure, types=types):
add_row(engine, table, row, ensure=ensure, types=types)
def update(engine, table, criteria, values, ensure=True, types={}):
if ensure:
_ensure_columns(engine, table, values, types=types)
q = table.update().values(values)
for column, value in criteria.items():
q = q.where(table.c[column]==value)
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