MASLAB Staff-provided code for IAP 2013.
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MASLAB Staff-provided code for IAP 2013.

Detailed breakdown by folder:

  • arduino_firmware - contains all code related to loading firmware onto the Arduino
    • arduino_firmware.ino - the Arduino sketch file containing the main firmware code
    • sketchbook - the sketchbook folder that the Arduino software should point to in order to load the necessary libraries.
  • - the Python interface for communicating with the Arduino. Initialize classes and use class methods to interact with the Arduino. This file spawns a new thread that constantly communicates with the Arduino based on values in arrays set by the class methods.
  • examples - contains several code examples for interfacing with the given libraries.
    • actuators - code examples related to motors, servos, steppers, etc.
    • sensors - code examples related to IR sensors, bump sensors, etc.
    • general - general code examples