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Slides for a Technical Poster Given at the PyCon 2019 Conference
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Sample of the PyCon 2019 Poster

This repository contains the LaTeX source code and additional resources for a poster that Gregory M. Kapfhammer, with the support of students in the Department of Computer Science at Allegheny College, gave at the PyCon 2019 conference. The poster uses the rafaelbailo/betterposter-latex-template. It also uses the smartphone icon by Freepik. You are welcome to use this source code as inspiration for your own technical poster. If you find this example useful, could I trouble you to star this repository?

You can type the following command if you want to clone this repository:

git clone

Then, if you want to compile the presentation to a PDF, you should type the following commands.

cd pycon2019-functionfiasco-poster
pdflatex functionfiasco-poster-pycon2019.tex

You can also compile the paper using other LaTeX development tools, such as latexmk. If you are unable to compile the presentation with your development tools and your execution environment, then please open a new issue and I will attempt to resolve your concerns.

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