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📖 Abstracts for Talks Given at Python-Related Conferences
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This repository contains Markdown files of the abstracts for talks that I, Gregory M. Kapfhammer, have given at Python-related conferences, often in collaboration with my students and colleagues. I am making these available to the community so that others can review the details of talks accepted to this type of conference. Whenever appropriate, I have enhanced the abstracts to make references to the most up-to-date web sites and GitHub repositories.

This is a summary of the files containing abstracts for talks that I have given at Python-related conferences:

Problems or Praise

If you have any problems with this list of abstracts for Python-related presentations, then please raise an issue associated with this Git repository using the "Issues" link at the top of the site. I will do everything that I can to resolve your issue and ensure that the presentation works correctly. If you appreciated this repository and its talk abstracts, then please star it!

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