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🌠 The Fast, Fun, and Mobile-ready Web Site for Gregory M. Kapfhammer
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Web Site for Gregory M. Kapfhammer

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This repository contains the Markdown and HTML source code for web site of Gregory M. Kapfhammer.

You are invited to use this repository as a means for learning more about how to implement a mobile-ready web site using Ruby, Jekyll, JavaScript, Markdown, HTML, and Sassy CSS. If you find this repository useful, could I trouble you to star it and then acknowledge it in your own web development efforts?

Installing and Building the Web Site

If you want to clone the repository for the web site, you can type the following command in your terminal window:

git clone

At this point, you can install all of the dependencies by typing:

npm install

Now, you can build the full version of the web site in "production" mode (i.e., a mode that contains all possible features, including the site map, all of the optimized images and files, and all search engine optimizations) by typing the following command in your terminal window:

gulp optimizeddeployseo --production

If you want to run a web server to see the current version of the site, then you can type this command into your terminal window and then go to the suggested site location.

gulp browsersync

Problems or Praise

If you find a mistake in my web site, then please raise an issue and I will quickly resolve it. If you have a question about the technologies underlying this site, you can also raise and issue or contact me by other means.

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