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Advanced EDA for Google Analytics

Hi! This is my first ShinyApp and its purpose is to help analyse data from Google Analytics easily and quickly.
This app is purely an experiment and a way for me to become more familiar with R, Shiny and statistical models.
Inspiration was taken from a Shiny demo dashboard Mark Edmondson created.

It requests data from GA for two metrics at the same time and you can perform the below exploratory and predictive analysis.

  1. Performance over time for up to two metrics and Google updates annotations for reference.
  2. Extraction of seasonality using time series decomposition
  3. Forecasting using Facebook Prophet
  4. Anomaly detection
  5. Causal effect analysis (in development)
  6. Weather correlations (in development)

I will keep developing the app and continue making changes to the UI and features.

enter image description here


Packages and dependencies

Packages currently in use listed below and links to all the original sources provided for reference.

Shiny libraries
shiny ( shinyjs (1.0) shinysky (0.1.2) shinythemes (1.1.2) shinyWidgets (0.4.8) shinybusy (0.1.2) rsconnect (0.8.15)

Google API libraries
googleAuthR (0.8.1) googleAnalyticsR (0.6.0)

Graph libraries
dygraphs ( ggplot2 (3.2.1) plotly (4.9.0) d3heatmap (

Models and time series
prophet (0.5) AnomalyDetection (1.0) CausalImpact (1.2.3) xts (0.11-2) tseries (0.10-47) zoo (1.8-6)

Data manipulation
tidyr (0.8.3) lubridate (1.7.4) stringr (1.4.0) dplyr (0.8.3) data.table (1.12.2) DT (0.8)

(for AnomalyDetection and ShinySky, these packages are not available from CRAN)


Install all the above required packages using the code below.

install.packages("devtools", dependencies = TRUE)

install.packages("shiny", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("shinyjs", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("shinythemes", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("shinyWidgets", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("shinybusy", dependencies = TRUE) devtools::install_github("AnalytixWare/ShinySky", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("rsconnect", dependencies = TRUE)

install.packages("googleAuthR", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("googleAnalyticsR", dependencies = TRUE)

install.packages("dygraphs", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("ggplot2", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("plotly", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("d3heatmap", dependencies = TRUE)

install.packages("prophet", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("CausalImpact", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("xts", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("tseries", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("zoo", dependencies = TRUE) devtools::install_github("twitter/AnomalyDetection", dependencies = TRUE)

install.packages("tidyr", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("lubridate", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("stringr", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("dplyr", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("data.table", dependencies = TRUE) install.packages("DT", dependencies = TRUE)


Data tool for quick and easy exploratory data analysis using data from Google Analytics.



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