Simulation of a board game.
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================ SimulateBoardGame

Biased vs UnBiased dice in a board game.

The idea was to see if there was a difference in the distribution of the number of times a player lands on a particular position of a board while using a biased and an unbiased die. The code generates plots with the x axis as positions on a board and the y axis as the number of times the player lands on it.


  • simulateGame(no, dist): Simulates a board game with 40 possible places for a player to land at in 1 round. The simulation runs for n rounds.
  • runSimulation(no): Runs no games and generates a plot of the number of times a player lands in a position.
  • roll(dist): simulates a dice roll. Can be a biased or unbiased die based on dist array provided.

Plots for 1000 simulations of a player playing 1000 games with 100 rounds per game -