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Tinker I/O - An addon for Tinkers' Construct!
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Tinker I/O rw version

Tinker I/O is a addon for Tinkers' Construct.
Welcome to the Github repo for Tinker I/O!

What is the RW version?

Tinker I/O RW is the rewrite version of the mod. It is not compatible with the old version of Tinker I/O. So DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE RW VERSION if the map was already installed the old version of Tinker I/O.

About this branch

I am rewriting Tinker I/O. And I will upload the new code in this branch.

The rewriting progress

  • Fuel Input Machine (100%)
  • Smart Output (100%)
  • What A Beautiful Block (100%)
  • Ore Crusher (100%)
  • Stirling Engine (100%)
  • Pure Metal (100%)
  • Crushed Ore (100%)
  • All Upgrades (100%)
  • Solid Fuel (100%)
  • JEI Support (100%)
  • The One Prob Support (100%)
  • Waila Support (5%)

Report issue

When you are reporting bugs, please attach the crash report, mod version and forge version.

Help us translate the mod

Feel free to translate the mod. As soon as you translated the mod, you could pull a request. And we will add the language file into Tinker I/O.
The example of language file : English lang file

About Modpack and License

Tinker I/O is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.
It is fine to use Tinker I/O into your modpack.


By GKB @Taiwan - 2018/8/21 23:50 (GMT+8)

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