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Budget application in the Mojolicious framework
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What is mojo-budget?

Mojo-Budget is a web application to keep track of your daily budget and expenses. It is designed to be easy to host, and it uses SQLite as a data store.

How to deploy / run?

You can run the application locally, or chuck it on a server and run it with CGI. It can run on pretty much every environment that can run Perl.

How to test?

Go to the project directory and run prove. Each test file should run the application with an in-memory database, and run through the tests.

All the tests should pass. If any of the tests fail, this means there's something wrong with either the code or the test. If you run into such tests, please send a bug report.


Code and documentation contributions are both welcome. If you would like to upstream some code, you can create a pull request on GitHub or send a patch to mojobudget-dev at

Every PR should run the test suite to see if any functionality was broken. Additionally; if you have added new functionality, they should be accompanied by new tests.

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