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2 files for VT configuration now under bersion control

c:\t1\VT2.Dispatch2.exe.comfig c:\t1\VT3.Dispatch2.exe.comfig

git tag V2.62

fixed bug in frmInput CustomerID_keydown now seeks to partial match should also finish out population of CustomerID... changed order of steps after if count = 1 and this fixed it.

git tag V2.61

has partial matches pushed to VT2

Without listboxPreview

======= Put out to D26a

Partial match

Customer maintenance error message needs a cancel button --DONE

c should partial match --DONE con should partial match --DONE

Pre-release Testing

InputForm_Load was throwing (array out of bounds) --DONE Close Routes Throws -- Disabled CloseRoutes menu Item... now you can Set-Routes-For-Today, Start-of-Day, End-of-Day, close it.

Disable mainform X out if After End-of-Day Put message into menu Exit

Examining OnetimePickupScreen

Customer City shows '51' or '50' vice Williston etc... Save and Close THROWS... added Assertions, added messageboxes

Doubleclick listbox does nothing. It should populate fields --DONE SelectedIndexChanged does not populate the fields --DONE Improve Recurring Pickup Menu Structure Click custID popultes fields from --DONE Check Save for lies. check save and close for lies. Look for Tim's problem... refine the helpful text in the white box.

now it says: "Enter CustID and for quick data entry" "Use to cycle from CustID to Listbox to NewPickupText" "With focus in ListBox, alphabetic keys move to e.g. 'K' moves to th" & _ "e K's", """DP"" in NEW Pickup Text sets a Daily Pickup e.g. Pickup EVERY day.", """DP"" with Tuesday sets a Pickup EVERY Tuesday."})

Source Code Delivery

put a copy on NHDISPATCH2003 && VT1 && VT2 push to Githup Give Calvin a github login put on a memstick burn a CD (V2.6 dtd 05/05/2012)

Merge DeleteCustBug to master

Add a confirm button before delete occurs... DONE

Silicone Oil

from Ivana Kim: (4/30/2012) conditions exist: Silicone oil, abnormal blood vessels on Iris, scar tissue on intraocular lens procedure(s) proposed for evaluating and treating my condition(s) are removal of silicone oil removal of scar tissue on lens, possible injection of Avastin, possible injection of gas bubble, removal of lens if necessary (left eye)

Decisions based on the notes below

Clear out CustID.text and StringSoFar upon mouse entry (in the input window...) Input window was duplicated now it does not refresh... DONE (now has Refresh Customer List button)

you cannot add a customer. keydown routine is malfunctioning.... DONE (now checks for "not FormMode = 'ADD')

test and refine moving lstboxCustomer.selected via text input in CustID DONE put a menu on frmCustomer DONE validate each field when stepping out DONE move buttons to the top DONE dedicate one button to Edit/New another to Delete DONE Have ValidateCustomer build and return an error string DONE Have ValidateCustomer change background color for bad fields. DONE Have ClearForm (or a new routine?) reset the background color DONE

Use paper and pencil for testing. Test Add Edit Delete w/ 1,2,3... invalid errors w/o invalid errors 6 cases

Listboxes were not sorted the same. This was cased by me.listboxCustomer.sorted = true in frmInput.Designer.vb !!! DONE

Branch: DeleteCustBug

4/28/2012 the cabin...

  • early notes (mostly superceded) ChangeMode() should only handle buttons Each button push must depend on radiobutton selection DeleteCustomerAndPickup doesn't show message if notHelper.HasCDP("AAAAA") cust.delete

Throws @ Helpe.GetROUTE2DefaultDriverID so have helper methods test and return a value have customer save validate DefaultDriverID ** bugs found in the customer screen...

Delete does not refresh mCustomerCollection (this symptom still there) Save New Customer gives zero feedback Closing Customer Maintenance does not refresh InputForm.lstboxCustomer InputForm isusing itsOWN mCustomerCollection Save Customer allows Duplicat CustomerID's

Vermont visit bugs


a. Modify VT1 && VT2 for 2 station posting vice 3 DONE b. Recurring Pickup Bug c. Delete Customer Bug d. Better Size For Edit Routes Form e. Validate Pickup On Edit f. Validate Pickup On Creation g. Customer Screen Startup Is Slow h. Make Customer Delete Button Disappear on Selected Index change



edit a customre (e.g. change contact to Laura R) then post a new pickup with that customer. see that it does not post and/or receive the post???

also: fixed the mainform location and size upon application exit. also: fixed the validation of DriverID in frmDefaultRoute.vb...

Memory leak tests in VS2010





For 1 station to 3 stations. if 2 or three stations for Station1 for Station2 for Station3 a for CDP a1 add a2 change a3 drag-drop for CDR changes b1 Driver Text change for Customer c1 edit a customer c2 add a customer

previous Master version had onetimepickup->addpickup customerID disabled

2/7/2011 worked on Tim's problem: i.e. too many Route2's backed up D2_VT..

tag VT2.02 is the asbuilt for WRJ visit on 4/21/11

Steps to run from elwood to jake: a: install sqlexpress v10 on Jake b. connect to sqlexpress on jake i.e. jake\abby c. enable tcp on jake\abby d. connect w/ ssms from elwood to jake\abby e. point app.config at jake\abby d2_vt and run from VS2008 f. edit \c\trunk\dispatch2\bin\debug\Dispatch2.exe.config so connection string is correct


this repository is for Ross Dispatch 2011

helpful articles about connection strings...

  1. All SQL Server SqlConnection Propeties:


  1. What is a connection string? http://www.connectionstrings.com/Articles/Show/what-is-a-connection-string

  2. Rules for connection strings:


4.SQL Server Data Types Reference: