Ruby scripting for Dispatchspare
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Ross Spare utilities project

I have trouble with this vs s45-utils and vs Rubymine.

so here is the revised procedure:
a. create github project
b. clone it to a directory where the s4t-util package is available and a 'peer'

copied s4t-utils under c:\bsmft\RossRuby  -- so it is included in git
ran the make script 
   sitting in c:\bsmft\RossRuby
   using .  (current directory)  so it made rossruby and populated it
   using Ross as the module name.

copied existing files from RossRubyOld to here.
   note (bin/ross.rb was copied and then deleted.  its contents were added
     (as mixin methods i.e sites and users)  to rossruby.rb. 

c:\bsmft\RossRuby\bin\map-drive.rb  will run and it will map drives...

now, before messing with rubymine...
let's get some tests running with vi.

note:  sit in c:\bsmft\RossRuby\rossruby to run the ruby files.
note:  sit in c:\bsmft\RossRuby and 
	run git add .. OR 
	git commit OR 
	git push origin master

DONE: PENDS: e. open the project in RubyMine and see how we are doing...

green bar in rubymine.
Note: make sure rubymine opens this location: C:\bsmft\RossRuby\rossruby 

Next:  drag all the BAK files for each site

This is a project that does something or other.

To install:

prompt> rake install            # Run with administrator privileges

- or - 

prompt> ruby setup.rb config
prompt> ruby setup.rb setup
prompt> ruby setup.rb install    # Run with administrator privileges.

Rake tasks:

rake                    -- runs all tests

rake fast               -- runs the fast tests

rake update-peers       -- if this is used as a third-party package
                           in any directory in .., push new version
                           to them.

rake move-on            -- run tests, update version number, push to
                           subversion (if it's used), and update
                           peers. Requires confirmation because command
                           replay makes it too easy to run by accident
                           in the wrong folder.

rake install            -- Install lib into default destination
                           (site_ruby). Runs tests first.