Puppet types/providers to support Opsview resources
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Stable release download

If you're looking for stable releases, you can download this module at the Puppet Forge.


Right now, the module only contains libraries to handle all of the REST requests to a given Opsview server. You will need to create /etc/puppet/opsview.conf with the following format on each client that you wish to connect with an Opsview server:

url: http://example.com/rest
username: foobar
password: foobaz

Please file bugs via the issue tracker above.


  • Puppet (of course :)) Tested most recently with puppet 2.7.9
  • rest-client, json gems.

Puppet Types in this Module

  • opsview_attribute
  • opsview_bsmcomponent
  • opsview_bsmservice
  • opsview_contact
  • opsview_hostgroup
  • opsview_hosttemplate
  • opsview_keyword
  • opsview_monitored
  • opsview_monitoringserver
  • opsview_notificationmethod
  • opsview_role
  • opsview_servicecheck
  • opsview_servicegroup
  • opsview_tenancy

List of things to do

  1. Separate out a few get/set methods from Puppet::Provider::Opsview - put them in a utility module instead.

  2. Clean up Puppet::Provider::Opsview in general. Cull any class/instance methods we don't need (there's lots of duplication.)

  3. Add default providers so that Puppet runs don't fail when there's no rest-client / json gems to use.