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### 0.1.1
* Improvements to allow reader & writer to be sub-classed for rdf-trig.
* Improved error recovery when parsing.
### 0.1.0
* Updates for RDF.rb 0.3.4.
* Format detection.
### 0.0.5
* Update turtle and writer specs to use latest version of Turtle specs.
* Use Spira Manifest w/list to order tests.
* Change debug to use blocks to reduce computation overhead when not doing debugging, results in a reasonable performance boost.
### 0.0.4
* Make an un-defined empty prefix an error, rather than treating it as <>.
* Replace remaining uses of SPARQL with RDF::Turtle or RDF::LL1
### 0.0.3
* Completed RDF 1.1 Turtle based on
* Reader
* Writer
* Issues:
* IRI lexical representations
* PNAMES not unescaped, should they be?
* Assume undefined empty prefix is synonym for base
* Can a list be used on it's own? Used in Turtle example.
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