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* Don't create unnecessary namespaces when serializing RDF/XML.
* Don't use regexp to substitute base URI in URI serialization.
* Added :profile_graph option to RdfaParser#parse. This MUST be a ConjunctiveGraph and will be used to save profiles that are encountered.
  * Fixme, for now, retrieval should include HTTP headers and perform appropriate HTTP cache control and check for potential updates.
* Added ConjunctiveGraph#add_quad. Adds a quad from the intended subject, predicate, object, and context.
     g =
     cg =
     cg.add_quad(,""),, g)
     => results in the triple being added to g


=== 0.5.8
* Remove dependency on whatlanguage.
* Added support for Processor Graphs.
* Change Graph#seq to specifically look for subject type of rdf:Seq, rdf:Bag or rdf:Alt to trigger rdf:_n processing.
* Update RDFa processing to WD-rdfa-core-20100803 semantics
  * Added Processor Graph and required output
  * Reverse order of processing profiles
  * Don't process element if any profile fails
  * XMLLiterals must be explicitly specified as @datatype
  * TERMorCURIEorAbsURI requires an absolute URI, not document relative
  * Move @profile parsing before @vocabulary.
  * Extract a new default vocabulary from @profile.*


* Use sqlite3-ruby version 1.2.5, as 1.3.1 breaks multiple argument e…


* Remove trailing ' in #encoding for treetop grammer, which caused pr…
…oblems installing rdoc in ruby 1.9.

* Fixed corner case in RDFa parser where document doesn't exist, which was raising an error.
* Add dependency on patron >= 0.4.6.
* Fixed Triple#inspect to properly display paterns. (closes Issue #2).
* Pre-process spec manifests into YAML files.
* Unescape values when creating URIs from N3 parser.
* URI Normalization isn't required so removed from parsers.


The first 'official' Gem release
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