AndRoad is a fork of the AndNav2 project. It is an opensource fully featured Turn-By-Turn Navigation Application. It supports Location-Lookup, POIs, Text-2-Speech Instructions, Traffic-Feeds, Contact-Search, 4-day Weather Forecast, Via-Points, Avoid-Areas, and many more...
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Personal Navigation System for the Google Android Platform.

== Features

Current supported features:

* Turn-By-Turn Navigation
* Location-Lookup
* POIs
* Text-2-Speech Instructions
* Traffic-Feeds
* Contact-Search
* 4-day Weather Forecast
* Via-Points
* Avoid-Areas
* accessibility-study (aka 'Where can I get in 30 minutes')
* TpegML Traffic-Feeds
* contribute back GPS traces to the OSM project
* MapTile
  * It is nothing more than a simple image. It does not contain routing or other geographical information.
  * If you are familiar with Java, you can quickly create a MapTilePack on your own using the Mobile Atlas Creator from the OSMDroid project. (

== Dependencies

AndRoad depends of the following projects

* osmdroid (
* apache-mime4j-0.6.jar
* libgoogleweatherapi.jar
* libQuadTree.jar
* libTpegML.jar
* slf4j-android-1.5.8.jar
* httpmime-4.0.1.jar
* libosmapi.jar
* libSpatialIndex.jar

== Compilation

To compile AndRoad you need
* android sdk from
* java sdk from
* ant from

After configuring the path of your android sdk in the file, you just execute ant install while your phone is
connected to the computer.

== Install

Download the apk from

In the Parameter screen on your phone, you have to unlock the
possibility to install an unsigned application. Parameters -->
Applications --> Unknown Sources.

Plug your phone with the USB connection, transfer the file to your
phone, unplug your USB cable. Now, on your phone, browse to the SD
Card directory where you have stored the APK file using any file
browser you wish available on the Android Market.

Your phone will once again be very unhappy that you wish to install an
unsigned software but at least this time it should allow you to.

== Feedback

This is a work in progress. Comments should be made on the mailing list at the moment. Contributions are
always welcome.