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-- Check GeoCoder 620 return statuscode ( ) gilt auch fuer route?
-- Catch Intent with following URIs:,-121.9&daddr=Bellevue,%20WA&hl=en
-- Route-Start sometimes points to the wrong direction
-- Wrong-Direction warning/info !
-- Make lower left HUD-arrow more relieable!
-- Due to the Line-Drawing-SpeedUp when manually panning around the invisible part gets into the visible rect
-- Possibility to insert usermade turn-voices (maybe through SD-card)
-- maybe add a "123..."-key that makes the Numbers in Non-Number-keyboards appear on demand
-- Somehow give the user the possibility to check whether the found route is found for the first time. (like having a short static preview over the found route, before the realtime-navigation part starts)
-- TracePolicy also for AndNav1
-- Colorschemes also for AndNav1
-- On First Run, Ask user if he wants to place a shortcut to the HOME-Screen
-- Maybe make the 'Quick-Renderer-Chooser' as a ContextMenu instead of an AlertDialog, so SpannableString would be supported.
- Add Avoid-Areas through Menu, like Waypoints
- Maybe make the Avoid-Areas a COLLABORATIVE function!!!
-- "Warning: call_user_func(tdo) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /www/htdocs/w006661d/anddev/andnav/templates/themza_j15_06/html/pagination.php on line 153"
-- Probably only with static nav "In 0 yards drive..." doesn't sound so good, better would be "Now drive..."
- Give ability to display traces from SD-Card in WhereAmI
-- Respect SD-Cards freesize.
-- Check of cache-cropping is working.
-- Add option to Settings, not to start with GPS turned on (fewer batter-drainage)
-- Add "Did you know"-Dialog on startup...
-- Having the preload-dialog canceled, it should be made revisible again using the same menu-button
-- Old MapTiles should get invalid after a week or two (only if they can be re-downloaded)
-(- Check if 'outdated-maptile'-redownloading works.)
-- Submit AndNav2 to the TTS-Application-Showcase of the TTS-lib
-- Resend failed traces later on (to OSM).
- Enable Perspective-View when Camera-Class in SDK is working again.
-- With saved routes, just ask for RealTime or Static Nav, nothing else(?).
- Altitude profile also for hand-drawn lines on WhereAmI.
- Add option to altitude-api to add a 'current position' marker in the generated image.
- Add android:hint were possible
->>> UPDATE ALL DIALOGS with VARIABLE CONTENT in onPrepareDialog()!
->>>>>> CHeck if cache-cropping is still working
-- Width of Weather-Dialog (especially in Landscape-Mode)
-- Compass only in portrait mode. (will net)
->>>>>> My Error: route always sets a starting point in a fixed location very far away from my real location, even though the arrow circle with my real location is correct.
- Autorotate(sensor) causes force close on 'map' and probably most of the other Activities, with background-activity, like the SDResolver.
-- Advanced Turn-descriptions "... at the traffic-light..."
-- ACTION_DEVICE_STORAGE_LOW Abfangen und cache-crop fragen
-- Applying touch to WhereamI && DDMap should stop auto-centering for some seconds.
-- Wrong Direction Warning
-- Do not warn multiple times about the same downtime.
-- Server-Specific Downtime-Warnings.
-- With Multitouch --> Zooming and rotating of whereami
-- The voice should not say the same thing multiple times.
-- Compass maybe also for Nav-Mode
-- TTS: "B 361" = "B 3 6 1" (spell/split numbers with more 3 digits).
-- Option to start without GPS enabled. (In Menu of MainMenu)
-- ShareRoute from SDSavedRoutes with long-press.
-- Reit und Wanderkarte-DE:
-- "rally copilot like navigation"
-- Hide Ads after "In-AndNav2-donating"
-- Add "NOW drive left" instead of "in 50 meters", depending on the speed.
-- Read Navigation-Path-Colors from HudImpls
-- Use: style="@android:style/TextAppearance.Large" and similar
-- Compass + Acceleromerer guessing when GPS is unavailable.
-- Disable Key-Sounds when exitted.
- More OSM-Nodes, like addr:housenumber addable.
- - Give the user the possibility to enter any key-values as he wishes.
-- Mehr Kennzeichen-Lookup
-- "Rotate by direction of travel" for Standard-Map
+- Give the user the possibility to enter any key-values as he wishes.
- wikipedia-layer
- für trafficitems-display
- Load generic GPX files (like from
-- Radar-Warner <-- LOOOOOOOOL die wollen Geld
- When submitting GPX-traces manually, give the possibility to add a 'filename'.
-- CupCake:
- - "Bring me to: _________" HOME screen widget.
- - voice-entry of AndNav2-searches
+- "Bring me to: _________" HOME screen widget.
+- voice-entry of AndNav2-searches
- Trace/Routerecorder parcelable machen
-- Homepage: "[Market-Icon] Free Download"-Button
-- SD-Country L�nder abh�ngig von Server
- - Server-Wechsel-Probleme beachten.
-- Kein initiales "Route-Resumed"
-- Anstatt 'Hospital' ein Tacho-App (wie: )
- Facebook & Twitter-Share machen
-- andnav:// protokoll oder existierendes definieren?
- Movie times (Fandango)
- Restaurants (Yelp & Open Table)
- Local Shows (Ticket Master)
- Places to sleep (
-- How to tell people where I'm at (BrightKite)
+- How to tell people where I'm at (BrightKite)
+- make a local db of poi changes and a button to upload them
+- integrate offline poi in search poi
+- overall direction layer
+- local vector layer
+- microsoft routing
+- camera => ,
+- traffic => from google, microsoft, yahoo,,,

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