A CommonMark Markdown parser for use with the Xojo language
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A module for converting Markdown (CommonMark spec) to HTML. It requires the bundling of the open source, cross-platform, cmark command line tool which is provided in this repo. It's quick (7 ms for the seminal Markdown specification page) and robust.

Adding Markdown support to your projects

Using the CommonMark module in your projects is pretty straightforwards. Just follow the steps below depending on your platform:

  1. Add the CommonMark module to your Xojo project
  2. Add a Copy Files build step to your project (name it whatever you like)
  3. Drag the newly created build step in the navigator to the correct platform node (OS X, Windows or Linux) under the Build Settings heading
  4. In the build step, drag the correct cmark binary for your platform found in the resources folder in this repo and set the Destination to Resources Folder

You will need to repeat steps 1-4 for each platform you want to support, making sure to copy the correct cmark binary for the correct platform.


Converting Markdown to HTML is easy peasy:

dim md as Text = "This is **bold** text."
dim html as Text = CommonMark.ToHTML(md) ' This is <strong>bold</strong> text.

Note: The first time CommonMark parses some Markdown will take a little longer than subsequent parses (~25 ms longer) as it has to do some internal setup.

Under the hood

As mentioned above, the work is really being done by the cmark binary. When the CommonMark.ToHTML() method is called, it writes the passed Markdown to a temporary file, passes that to cmark and then reads StdOut for the HTML. I think it may be possible to speed things up a little by passing the Markdown direct to cmark and bypass the file IO step but I haven't been able to get it work reliably. I'd be interested in hearing suggestions to make this work.