Adium plugin for displaying a button to open Facebook chats in Safari
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Adium Facebook Chat Toolbar Item Plugin

Adium plugin for displaying a button to open Facebook chats in Safari

Do you chat with Facebook chat?

Do you use Adium for that?

Have you ever needed to open Facebook in browser for viewing an image or the chat history?

Did you ever complain, why is that chat so many clicks away?

If the answers are yes, this plugin is for you. It adds a new button to the Adium chat window toolbar, which leads you directly there. Yes, it is 1 click away now. :)



Adium version 1.4. Unfortunately the current version does not work with Adium 1.5.x.


Adium Facebook Chat Toolbar Item Plugin 1.0.1 (zip)


  1. Doubleclick the .AdiumPlugin
  2. Restart Adium
  3. Open some chat window
  4. Customize toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar area
  5. Drag Open Chat in Safari button


If the person who you are chatting with is reached through your Facebook account, or if you configured Jabber to reach Facebook and the person has a user name, which contains the button will be active. Pressing it opens your default browser and opens Facebook right in that conversation.


If you found any bugs (which may happen, since this is my first attempt to write native OS X code), or have any questions, feel free to contact me at gk at


Gruber Kristóf