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A silent clock for the iPhone.
Objective-C C
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Buzz Clock -- A Silent Clock for the iPhone


Buzz Clock is a simple, discreet way to tell the time -- even when you can't take your phone out of your pocket. In interviews, on first dates, in church, or at school plays, Buzz Clock silently vibrates at set intervals, so you'll always know what time it is.

This distribution includes all the source code, images and metadata that went into Buzz Clock's App Store submission. It uses Xcode and requires SDK 3.0 or above.


Buzz Clock is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Go nuts.



* Initial release.


* OS 4.0: Compiled and tested with iOS 4.
* Retina Graphics: The graphics now show at full resolution on Retina
* "Discreet": Fixed misspelling in Instructions.
* Buzz Pauses: Extended the pauses between buzzes from 0.075 seconds to
* Debug Log: Added a debug console to track application behavior during


This is my first iPhone/Cocoa/Objective C/Xcode/Mac-based application, and it undoubtedly has bugs, non-idiomatic usage and more than the usual complement of stupidities and mistakes. If you're using it to learn how to build an iPhone app, please use it carefully. If you're using it as an example of common mistakes people make while building iPhone apps, please let me know what needs correcting.

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