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Emacs Pastebin Interface

This is a huge inteface to pastebin.com. With it you can

  • Paste buffers
  • Fetch pastes
  • Delete pastes
  • Get a nice list of pastes
  • Sort the pastes list by data, title, private, format, key


  • Unpack the repo on ~/.emacs.d/lisp, create it if needed
  • Run make to compile it (optional)
  • Put it on path on your .emacs file
  • Restart emacs
mkdir ~/.emacs.d/lisp/
cd ~/.emacs.d/lisp/
wget https://github.com/gkos/emacs-pastebin/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip 
rm master.zip
cd emacs-pastebin-master/

Then put this on your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/lisp/emacs-pastebin-master/")
(require 'neopastebin)
(pastebin-create-login :dev-key "YOURDEVKEY"
                       :username "YOURUSER")

Restart emacs or eval .emacs again. On emacs M-x pastebin-l<TAB> <RET>. Type password. Save password in disk, it will be saved in clear text at ~/.emacs.d/pastebin-data/pass or whatever you set to pastebin-data-dir. If you really care, you can setup this variable to an encrypted partition. :P

You should see a nice list of pastes on your screen right now.



M-x pastebin-list-buffer-refresh -> Fetch and list pastes on "list buffer". After logged you can list your pastes with command pastebin-list-buffer-refresh, just type pastebin-l and press TAB.

Here is a list of keybinds from list buffer.

RET -> fetch paste and switch to it
r ->   refresh list and list buffer
d ->   delete paste, you'll be asked for confirmation
t ->   order by title
D ->   order by date
f ->   order by format
k ->   order by key
p ->   order by private

Creating a new paste

M-x pastebin-new -> will create a new paste from current buffer

The name of the paste is given from current buffer name The format from buffers major mode Prefix argument makes private