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How to Use?

Once the extension has been installed, just open the ranklist page that you want to observe in a new tab. The extension will automatically refresh the page in 1 minute intervals and send notification if any changes are recorded.

Types of Notifications

  1. New user in the ranklist: New user

  2. User left the ranklist page: User left

  3. A User ranked up: User ranked up

  4. A User ranked up and crossed you: User cross

The user can choose between two modes for notification:

  1. Everyone: In this mode, the user will be notified for every change in the ranklist (i.e: All the notifications above will be shown)
  2. Only me: In this mode, The user will be notified only if someone crossed him/her in the ranklist (i.e: Only notification 4 will be shown to the user).

In every page, there will be an option for the user to change the mode for rank-shout.


When you open a ranklist page in Codechef, you should be able to see this button:

enable/disable This button will allow you to enable/disable rank-shout. Note: For a contest which has ended, rank-shout is disabled by default.

For selecting notification mode, in codechef you should be able to see the dropdown below the filter options if rank-shout is enabled. shout mode Note: 'Only me' mode can be chosen only if the logged-in user is present in the rankings table.


This is how the buttons and dropdown look like in codeforces.


Thats it for usage guide ! Happy coding!