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A small 'game' you might know from high school solved with Q-Learning
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Further exploring the concept of Reinforcement Learning with the Q-Learning algorithm in my blog: (Dutch).

Demo screenshot

This is a small game you might know from high school. It's a 'race' which you can do with your friends with only a piece of graph paper and a pencil. This time however, the algoritm will search for the best route with the Q-learning algorithm.

Your own track

You can upload your own track. Please make sure your track adheres to the following:

  • Size: 700x400 pixels
  • Track itself is in pure white (#ffffff)
  • Start/finish is in pure red (#ff0000) and is a vertical line. The code assumes the initial direction is to the right.
  • Rest is in pure black (#000000)

Make sure there is a possible solution, otherwise the algoritm will go on endlessly :)

Tweaking the algoritm

If you're familiar (or want to become familiar) with the parameters you can adjust in Q-leaning, find the following lines of code in the source:

track = new Track(
    'track1',   // Trackname
    100,        // Times with a finish before it stops 
    40,         // Initial width of a cell in pixels
    0.7,        // Epsilon
    1,          // Learning rate
    0.9         // Discout

If you want to know more about epsilon, learning rate and/or discount: I suggest you play & google around.

If you want to play around with the rewards, these can be easily found in the code. Current settings:

  • Crash: -100
  • Wrongful finish: -1000 (like one step forward and two steps back)
  • Rightful finish: +1000;
  • Otherwise valid move: number of steps closer to the finish * 10;
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