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A program that helped me find a game schedule for 10 teams, playing 10 rounds, 10 different games, (almost) each time against another opponent.
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A small program that helped me find a schedule for 10 teams, that was limited by the following rules:

  • Each team plays each round exactly once, against one other team
  • Each team plays each game only once
  • Each team plays each opponent only once

More background and how this program came to be in my blog: (Dutch).

Final schedule:

Final schedule (box version)

And a pretty version:

Final schedule (pretty version)

Running the program

Find the following lines of code in the program to adjust them to your liking.

    10,     // number of teams
    false   // pretty schedule?

Please be aware that this program can run for a long time, without any way to know in advance when it will finish. If it ever will...

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