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CS 294-131 Project, reimplementing
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Adversarial Attacks on Deep Reinforcement Learning


  1. Run git clone --recurse-submodules to clone with submodules and cd adversarial_rl.
  2. Run pip install -e . to install the main dependencies.
  3. Run mv baselines ../baselines, cd ../baselines, then pip install -e . --user to install our baselines fork.

Running Experiments

  • To train models, run bash scripts/
    • To parallelize training runs, modify the training script to echo commands instead of executing them and run bash ../scripts/ | xargs -PN -ICMD /bin/bash -exc CMD, replacing N with the number of cores available.
  • To attack trained models, run bash scripts/
    • Use the same trick as above to parallelize.


PPO, TRPO, A2C and DQN models trained on CartPole and Acrobot are in the models/ folder. Results of attacks are available in accompanying writeup.


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