Multi file upload for django-admin app
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Multi file upload for django-admin app


pip install git+git://




  1. Add 'multiupload' to your INSTALLED_APPS
  2. Inherit Your ModelAdmin from multiupload.admin.MultiUploadAdmin

    from multiupload.admin import MultiUploadAdmin
    class MyModelAdmin(MultiUploadAdmin):
        # default value of all parameters:
        change_form_template = 'multiupload/change_form.html'
        change_list_template = 'multiupload/change_list.html'
        multiupload_template = 'multiupload/upload.html'
        # if true, enable multiupload on list screen
        # generaly used when the model is the uploaded element
        multiupload_list = True
        # if true enable multiupload on edit screen
        # generaly used when the model is a container for uploaded files
        # eg: gallery
        # can upload files direct inside a gallery.
        multiupload_form = True
        # max allowed filesize for uploads in bytes
        multiupload_maxfilesize = 3 * 2 ** 20 # 3 Mb
        # min allowed filesize for uploads in bytes
        multiupload_minfilesize = 0
        # tuple with mimetype accepted
        multiupload_acceptedformats = ( "image/jpeg",
        def process_uploaded_file(self, uploaded, object, request):
            Process uploaded file
                uploaded: File that was uploaded
                object: parent object where multiupload is
                request: request Object
            Must return a dict with:
            return {
                'url': 'url to download the file',
                'thumbnail_url': 'some url for an image_thumbnail or icon',
                'id': 'id of instance created in this method',
                'name': 'the name of created file',
                # optionals
                "size": "filesize",
                "type": "file content type",
                "delete_type": "POST",
                "error" = 'Error message or jQueryFileUpload Error code'
            # example:
            title = kwargs.get('title', [''])[0] or
            f = self.model(upload=uploaded, title=title)
            return {
                'url': f.image_thumb(),
                'thumbnail_url': f.image_thumb(),
                'name': f.title
        def delete_file(self, pk, request):
            Function to delete a file.
            # This is the default implementation.
            obj = get_object_or_404(self.queryset(request), pk=pk)

Example of usage can be founded here:

Checkout some full example project in example folder.
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